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It appears that the older we get the less importance we give to our brows.  Yes, with the onslaught of wrinkles, fold lines, shrinking lips and hooded eyelids, brows seem to have been for most, forgotten.  Brows sit blatantly above our eyes, live close to our nose and smack dab in the middle of our forehead. How is it that we don’t give them the attention they deserve?

Lipsticks can create marvelous rebirthing for our lips.  Eye and lip liners do a fabulous job at creating more perfect lines where we want them.  Mascara is notorious for creating depth and length for our eyelashes. Yet, somehow many women overlook and just plain neglect the effect of an attractive brow line.

Throughout my life as a corrective makeup artist I have learned that because of facial changes that come with years, a youthful proponent can be resurrected with better management for our brows. 

Creating balance is the key to achieving the perfect brows to complement the face shape upon which they live.  No matter what your facial shape is, there is a place for your brow to complete the appearance of your eye. Everyone has a brow bone upon which lies the eyebrow.  Everyone has a genetic shape of the brow. Many acknowledge that they have ‘their mother’s brow’ or ‘their aunt’s brow’. Somehow we accept that we’ve inherited it so we live with it; good or bad. 

Some of the comments have been:  I over-plucked as a teen; I don’t bother since I don’t have full brows anymore; they’re so unruly I can’t be bothered; I don’t know how to deal with them; and  my favorite, who’s got the time! Well, a simple 15 minutes to ‘deal with them’ from a professional or you learn simple techniques to ‘deal with them’ can change the look of your face.

Enhancing your brow is done by getting rid of all the rogue hairs sprouting outside of the brow body.  Where you take those delinquent hairs from is the most important issue in shaping a brow. When the hairs outside the brow body are removed you may be left with a generous brow or a scarce brow shape.  The point is that there is always a brow shape!

Brows shape the eye and can give new meaning to the eye itself.  Knowing where and how to manage your brow is simply a short lesson in how to look at it in a corrective realm.  Knowing what to get rid of and knowing at which point it needs either, darkening, lifting and arching or extending can be made simple when you set these goals.

Creating eyebrow focus can be so very simple mainly because of the tools now available.  The year of going to the drugstore for a brown pencil which was either too red or too dark has been greatly improved.  More pencil colors are available from taupe, to soft grey to blonde and true browns, not to forget the family of charcoals and blacks.  Brow gels, waxes and setting concoctions help with creating a natural look. COLOR – STYLE- SHAPE – when considered make the ideal brow for your facial shape.

Family photos can be improved with little nuances like the appearance of a more open eye with the help of  a simple brow arch. Call your professional today for a quick lesson in caring for your brows. We are always here to help!

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