New Arsenal For Your Skin

What an exciting year in the field of esthetics.  There is so much new with information and products to create healthy youthful skin.   Earlier this year I attended the east coast esthetics convention in Philadelphia Pa for continued education.

This education excelled in the areas of re-programming skin through wonderful active ingredients.  For instance, clients with whom I’ve come into regular contact have already learned the benefits of such ingredients as epidermal growth factors, peptides, and hyaluronic  acid for at least  10 years now. It is so interesting seeing new young licensed estheticians getting excited with their new found information to in turn share with their clients.

  New breakthroughs in skin whitening agents as well as stem cells and the correct use of peptides kept us all busy.  So much education and information sharing no matter how experienced you are in the field of estheticis. Treatments and equipment were featured  for the very holistic practitioners, the seasoned estheticians, the medispa workers and the new young just licensed women and men in those fields. This was overwhelming and stimulating seeing new products and equipment that were introduced all in the name of beauty.

International education is also close to us with Toronto being only a  1 ½ hour drive. I decided to take advantage of that too. Even though laws and guidelines in Canada are a little different than New York State it’s a wonderful opportunity to stay abreast of what they are doing as well.  These international shows offer cutting edge ahead of the curve education and treatment modalities that eventually come to New York State. So, a couple of us hopped into my car and off we went. There is so much to learn everywhere!

June was my most recent educational trip.  The biggest convention in our field in 106 degree weather was in Las Vegas, NV.  Hundreds of booths and all of them eager to share their knowledge and their wares  kept everyone busy for up to 3 days of shopping,, learning and getting re-educated on what was new and improved. 

I can’t think of another field that is so invigorating and moving so fast in the field of helping everyone who wants to  have healthy glowing skin.

So now we have to put it all together and make it work for you.  Yes, new equipment and active products in the upcoming months and certainly some gift giving ideas being culminated for the holiday season.  These three sources of education provided new energy, knowledge and skills to be shared. We know that you, our clients have entrusted us with keeping you looking your best.  Ask your skin care specialist to share her knowledge, skills and techniques from these conventions.

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