Ingestible Skincare

In earlier decades if a client was not pleased with their skin they had two options available to them. They could use topical products or they could apply makeup.
These two choices are what has kept the skincare industry booming and makeup counters alive with color and fun. Twenty-first century women love choices. New to this list is ‘supplementation with ingestibles’ that can improve one’s skin. Super vitamins, minerals and drinking enhanced waters can improve the functions of several of the body’s systems.

Total skin care now combines powerful supplements being ingested daily but don’t forget the topical stuff also! Products applied topically still provide hydration, protection, and repair while the internals help rebuild, strengthen and balance for a harmonious and healthy skin from inside out. You may be that person that does not apply much product to the rest of your body, however, internals do their magic for your whole being.

Millennials are more likely to embrace ingestible skin care, as there’s a generational shift in recognizing the benefits of specialized supplementation. Historically men have been slow to get onto the skin care bandwagon in the United States but the market is growing market for men who are very receptive to skin care supplements. There is a range of product choices such as, drinkable elixirs, powders, capsules and tablets.

With the onset of time, the body’s collagen and elastin productions slows down considerably. While topical skin care can be helpful in maintaining the skin’s structure these internal stimulants can help in promoting a more promising appearance in your future.

Ingestible skin care isn’t going away and is in fact taking considerable space on your skin care retail counters. Topical and internal skin care seems to be the suggested wave in harnessing the aging dilemma. I guess, time will tell.

This article is does not assume that estheticians are also nutritionists. This article is written to enlighten readers to what is available within the esthetics field of skin care. It is always advisable that internals compliment medications and nutritional supplementation.

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