These Darn Masks!

Since the start of this most recent pandemic, we have been struggling to find a comfort level in dealing with its ever-changing demands. One of which is maintaining skin health.

There are several issues that must be considered in living behind our covid-19 masks when in public. The health of our skin is having to alter its functioning level also. The microbiome or bacteria that has lived on our face our whole lives is having to adjust too. It is not getting the sunlight the way it once did, it is having to survive our exhaled air that is being trapped behind the mask, also there is a heat element that is being trapped as well as a humidity level that this bacterium has not had to endure. And we think we are having trouble adjusting.

The type of mask can also be an issue. If it is paper, it may be breaking down from the humidity caused by our exhale or breathing out. For those who have problem or acne skin, the natural oil that some skins secrete may make the acne worse. There may be chemicals and glues within the paper as well as color agents creating havoc. People are not throwing used paper masks away, so yesterday’s mess is built upon with todays exposure.

Our hands are clean, our surfaces are clean, our distances are being controlled and yet we shortcut on our mask wearing.
Other issues that I have seen is where some makeup being worn under the masks is further antagonizing your microbiome. In this case, better or enhanced care may need to be taken. Cleansing, toning, product masking, the use of Vitamin C (the best anti-inflammatory) and yes, even a Vitamin A lotion can alter the damage being done.
Many of my clients have been complaining that their children or grandchildren have irritated cheeks or jawlines. The friction of masks against the face is also happening much too often. Do you have an aloe plant at home? Aloe is a healing plant. We use it for burns, abrasions, minor cuts so it may also act as a healing remedy for young, irritated skin.

The important thing to remember is that if your skin has made a change then it is telling you that you must make a change also. What you once were doing isn’t working behind the COVID-19 masks of today.

Be smart about what is happening if you do, in fact, notice a change with your skin’s functioning. See a professional who may have better options for combating your issues. Let us help you better manage your skin care throughout this lifestyle change so that you’ll be proud of your eventual unveiling.

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