Skin Conditions Growing Under Your Mask

Erie County has finally given the okay for normal esthetic services to resume with, of course, proper protection for all. Interesting, that we were one of the last personal service givers to get back to performing our trade when we actually had to pass exam questions on the topic of sanitation and disinfection.

Oh well, we’re just happy to get back to work and most of us, I understand are booking our clients well into November and even December. Although this has been trying times with new demands on our daily living habits and unsure of the new definition of ‘normal’, many are having issues with their skin’s functioning.

The microbiome or the topography of the skin with its good bacteria and bad bacteria has been given new challenges. For one, we are stressing about having to wear fabric facial masks. Many are wearing these masks without washing them so here are some reasons why you should.

Firstly, our lungs are elimination organs that like urinating, and well you get it, they put out toxins on the exhale. This method is rightly to be exhaled into the environment so we can inhale a healthy amount of air which is delivered to the multitudes of capillaries that are routed to the lungs for healthy air to be carried to the rest of the body. Behind these masks the toxins are captured and re-inhaled back into the lungs. Yuck, right?

Secondly, these toxins and bacteria land on your skin and greatly upset your microbiome. This bacteria that we need to be healthy while it lives on the skins surface is being invaded and for many causing trouble.

Thirdly, friction from the masks, especially when masks have to be worn for long periods of time play havoc creating sensitivity and dry skin issues.

Another concern is for those who genetically have oiler skin types. The oil can’t help but penetrate the fabric of the masks and we know that oils become rancid and are often the root cause for activating acne lesions which if let go untreated not only grow into pustules but on darker skin tones will leave scarring and uneven colored skin tone.

Humidity concerns from our need to exhale create alarmingly rough skin, topical unrest with spotted elevations and maybe even bumps under the skin that become resistive and don’t seem to go away on their own.

This is why professional estheticians are so in demand right now. Skin care is so important now than it has ever been for so many before April of this year. Cleansing to rid the skin of its exhaled bacteria; toning to keep the skin fresh and assist in the cleansing; Spraying the face with solutions that are anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, hydrating and refreshing when the mask is off. We suggest colloidal silver or a toner with a mild salicylic or lactic acid. Nightly moisturizing with topical products like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, green tea, tea tree and aloe vera are soothing during the night while your face masks are laid out to dry.

With all of this to be concerned with, whether male or female, we need to be taking much better care of ourselves. Especially your facial skin! Professionals are here to help determine which products are the best for your specific skin type and its particular condition. It’s our job to know how to help, let us do our job.

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