If you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see, keep doing it! It’s that simple. However, if you are tired of breakouts, dull complexion and wrinkles it’s time to make a change. Skin imperfections like hyper-pigmentation and dull color needs changing. Follow some professional direction for better skincare habits. Desired Image Skin Care Clinic provides a full line of skin care services and products to those who want more from their time and products. If you’re in Cheektowaga, Buffalo, Lackawanna, Williamsville, or West Seneca, NY, our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your skin and make sure you meet your skin care goals.


We provide every client with a one-on-one consultation, to learn more about your unique skin and what you hope to achieve by visiting our clinic. From personal skin care treatment services to treatment protocols and even color analysis, we personalize everything to you for best results.

Personal Skin Care Consultations

We determine goals for clients and tailor esthetic treatments and home care products around those goals. This includes cleansing, observation of client progress, determining ideal product formulation and more.

Treatment Protocol

We follow a consultation-based approach that considers a client’s skin type, present condition, health, age, moisture content, sun damage and current product use. Treatments can include biological peels, enzyme treatments, hydrating treatments, hyperpigmentation treatments, muscle stimulation, light therapy and ultra sound treatment.

Color Analysis

This fabric-draping procedure helps clients make better choices in their wardrobe choices, makeup and hair color choices. Let us help you understand what choices are best with this one-hour learning experience.

Skin Care Treatments

It is true that no two people are alike. Hence, our individualized approach no matter what the service is tailored around you. From hair removal and biological peels, to EMS and ultrasound treatments, we aim to leave your skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Sugaring Hair Removal

During the sugaring hair removal process, a natural, sugar-based paste is applied at room temperature, then stripped away gently to remove hair. Most clients use this non-chemical, gentler approach to hair removal for their brows, lip, chin, full face and neck, underarms, arms, bikini lines and legs.

Vascu Touch

This non-invasive treatment is designed to eliminate skin abnormalities. Permanent removal of cherry angiomas, skin tags, cholesterol deposits, and unsightly broken capillaries are removed within minutes.

EMS [Electrical Muscle Stimulation]

During EMS, microcurrents are used to reprogram muscles over the course of 8-12 treatments. Treatments are tailored to shorten some muscles and lengthen others, which aids in returning muscles to a more youthful state.

Biological Peels

A wide range of biological solutions can be used within a facial treatment. Biological and vitamin skin peels are proven to cause less stress when being applied to the skin. Many conditions can be improved with the gentle care of the right peeling solution to restore luster to the skin. .


Ultrasound offers multiple skincare benefits, from increasing product penetration, to minimizing water retention, to firming the skin. The process is soothing and relaxing and yields wonderful results you can see immediately.

Cold Light Therapy

A specially designed light therapy treatment first deigned for NASA’s astronauts. Red-light, blue-light and near-infrared therapies all have their purpose in producing firmer, clearer and brighter skin results. This treatment provides no heat, is relaxing and has no ill after-effects, and makeup can be applied immediately.

Acne Control

Acne differs with each client, and we always take a per-person tailored approach in treating acne and acne scars. Treatments vary widely. Whether caused by hormone imbalance, diet, medications or general health and lifestyle the correct approach can make a difference. Both in-house treatment and at-home care are essential in controlling acne breakouts and scarring.

Skin Care Products

Tired of off-the-shelf skin care products that irritate your skin? Want to rid yourself of harsh chemicals and free radicals that do more damage than good to your skin? Come to us! Desired Image Skin Care Clinic offers a full line of skin care and makeup products designed to rejuvenate your appearance, without causing lasting harm.


Custom-blended foundations and natural mineral powders that match your skin tone perfectly and offer the desired texture you want as well as little to maximum coverage you desire. We also provide brushes and tools for a professional makeup application.

Product Lines

With over 30 years in the field of aesthetics, we have chosen product lines that have produced the best results for our clients. Here, you’ll find skin care and makeup products that are healthy for your skin, while giving you the aesthetic results you want to see.

Skin Blends

Custom-blending your personalized product line allows us to formulate ingredients that best suit your particular skin type and present condition. As the skin’s condition improves, reformulation of the product may change also.

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese

Desired Image Skin Care Clinic founder Brenda Romanow has throughout the years studied with Dr. Pugliese. Our confidence in Circadia products has grown as his research and product development has evolved to meet the needs of men and women today.

Osmosis Skin Care

With over 15 years of watching this product line develop, we have no hesitation in using it within our treatment and making it available to our clients for home care use. Osmosis is designed to work both internally and externally in creating healthy skin.

Osmosis Wellness

These scientifically crafted frequency waters are designed to target compromised areas of the body. These 24-karat gold elixirs promote immune system strength and reduce inflammation while delivering cell-activating plant based minerals to replenish and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Cosmedix Skin Care

Products have a shelf here.

Additional product suppliers make Desired Image Skin Care Clinic unique.

  • Tweezerman tools are known and used worldwide for their durability.
  • Colloidal Silver products boost the immune system while it heals both internally and externally.
  • Body cleansers and repair lotions minimize wrinkles and firm the skin.
  • Tizo sun protection is known worldwide for its ability to protect from the damaging sun.
  • Many other products are offered and specially promoted!
For more information about any of our products or to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Desired Image Skin Care Clinic on our skin treatments, please contact us today by calling 716-834-1123.