So, what does all this mean? The skin is finally referred to as a microbiome because it is alive and functions within itself with your every move. It gets goose bumps when chilled to close its pores and maintain its body temperature. Your body responds with shivering to create a degree of warmth when the muscles move with the movement of the shiver. You sweat when warm, get itchy when dry or contact an irritant, flush when shy or embarrassed and lose color with dread. These examples, all evidence of your skin being alive every minute of every day.

There are infinite microorganisms that live on healthy skin that interact within the human skin cells. Different organisms live on different parts of the body and the good ones all have their job. One of those jobs is to get rid of the unhealthy microorganisms that we don’t want living there.
Your circadian rhythm is the twenty four hour clock that your body best survives around. This time clock governs itself around the sun and the moon. The body has different maintenance jobs depending on the time of day. So we ask ourselves why we didn’t learn this in elementary health classes. There have been decades of re-learning things that our forefathers knew. The world of herbs, tinctures and natural poultices were replaced by ‘modern medicine’. Today modern medicine is slowly returning to these older ‘natural’ remedies only to find that perhaps the mixture of the two will give us a healthier balance without the side effects that we’ve learned wasn’t the answer we wanted.

The circadian rhythm offers environmental factors that are part of the component for healthy skin. This day/night proves to be most important for the ingredients used in day creams verses night creams. Even day cleansers and night cleansers have different jobs.
For instance, morning cleansers are good for cleansing toxins put out by the body while sleeping. These can range from exfoliating cleansers which contain mild peeling agents or muds. Night cleansers can be milky or in general, heavier cleansers to remove topical environmental toxins and makeup.
The day/night rhythm of body cells function in accordance with the day/night rhythm as well. During the day, the skin’s circadian rhythm delivers skin protection with being its thickest during the day and we of course, help it by applying sun protection. During the day skin produces more sebum and pH levels and cycles lowest for cell proliferation.

During the night, the skin’s cell renewal is in high gear. DNA repair and blood flow is highest at night. Skin temperatures automatically rise as does its barrier permeability and moisture loss which makes this period ideal for nourishing serums like topical vitamin C and Vitamin A. Specialty serums like epidermal growth factors, blue light repair and revitalizing serums like stems cells do well here also.

The body is close to nature in so many ways and needs it to survive successfully. The indulgence of ‘fake foods’ that name themselves after real foods is a sneaky way of selling people on illness. The body knows the difference. Remember, the body has receptor sites awaiting real nutrition and cannot receive nutrition from fake foods because there is none. The skin, aka microbiome, starts to look lack-luster, murky and does not repair well without a healthy inner environment. The circadian rhythm does what it can naturally but cannot continually fight insult after insult.

The field of skin care is fighting a battle of ignorance on how our body tries to stay healthy. Proper skin care is one way of making sure that the skin stays healthy and reflects vibrant life. Specialist in the field of skin care can help you make better choices for your personal concerns with your skin. If you wish to know more contact the writer at 716-834-1123.

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