According to Buddha…!

One of this legends famous quotes gives rise to the matter of how we use and abuse our personal time.  “THE TROUBLE IS, YOU THINK YOU HAVE TIME!” says Buddha. Over the years, the evolution within the science of skin care has made changes addressing this issue.  

In our 20’s we seemingly live in an impervious bubble without much thought, if any, about how we’ll age.  Many, including myself, have made promises not to age like our mothers who at that time were probably in their 40’s.  In our 40’s signs of aging are generally pretty prevalent with fine lines, and the start of sagging skin. Being in our 20’s, thoughts do not resonate that we will someday look very if not exactly just like mom.

Time and aging, when you are young don’t seem to have any co-relation.  We live for the day, enjoying our youth and beauty without fear. Researchers in biology, chemistry and anatomy are busy making the most of their time trying to fix us.  They know that we will eventually, over time will want what they have to offer. Not only have ingredients made phenomenal progress, but the combining of actives within formulas can save us time.

To prove this point, we can look at some products which we use daily that offer a time saving to your skin care ritual.  These are some helpful technology potions that my clients appreciate as time saving applications.

  • A three in one cleanser in its basic application provides skin cleansing. When left on the skin for 8 minutes this cleanser can double as a mask. A third option is it be used as a spot control measure for an acne lesion or oily patches usually found in the t-zone.   When I can easily custom blend such a formula or find the right one for your skin type it becomes both a time savings for you and cost effective
  • A toner, tonic or freshener are available for all skin types.  A hydrating toner can sufficiently re-hydrate the skin not only post washing your face/body but can be applied lightly sprayed several times over your face, full makeup or not.  This is particularly helpful for those who are on medications that dry the body or skin, or those for example who like teachers and nurses can’t always drink a lot of fluids to abandon those with whom they work.  Simply carry a one or two ounce spray bottle to quickly re-hydrate the skin and refresh you when necessary.
  • Multi purpose moisturizers are sincerely the best thing since mom’s apple pie. With the cost of hydrating, protecting and healing products, this 3-in-1 is so practical in saving time and dollars.  As we know, moisturizers come in many weights from oil-free to heavy creams which is generally ones first decision to make. The second concern is protectling oneself from the damaging sun. Thirdly is the ability of the peptides within to trigger the healing as a result of inflammation from sun, stress, diet, etc. We can achieve this all in one formula!

For GIFT GIVING to others and ourselves, let’s offer the gift of time wisely spent  with products with a purpose.  Talk to a skin care professional today and find the time Buddha warns about.


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