The Benefits of Custom Blended Home Care Products

Wouldn’t you like a professional to custom blend your daily home care regimen? A professional skin care specialist has the knowledge to better understand formulations. Specific ingredients best work on specific skin conditions. In gathering information of your daily habits and lifestyle, a trained professional can devise or suggest an appropriate regimen that addresses those conditions.

There are several facets that comprise skin care products which make them so different from each other. One major facet that deserves mention is that not all weights of a product suit everyone’s skin. Perhaps an acquaintance uses a particular product and ‘loves’ its texture and how it feels on her skin. However, you may then purchase that product and it doesn’t feel as comfortable as you’d hoped. Everyone’s skin is different. The porosity of your skin, and its ability to hold moisture and many other skin factors may not give you the comfort that you require.

Base products come in four basic weights. There are creams, gels, and lotions which are closely related to tonics. Creams are heavier on the skin than are gels and gels are heavier on the skin than are lotions and lotions are heavier than tonic solutions. Therefore, spontaneous purchasing of skin care products allow for a large possibility of failure. Generally, heavier weight bases like night creams have a specific job to do at night. In contrast, day creams have a job also. That job is to provide moisture and protection from the environment.
The technology of creating skin care today is remarkably different that it used to be. In past years product formulations were simple at best. Solutions were less complicated and options were, water-in-oil bases or oil-in-water bases. Our choices were limited. Today, with the ability to custom-blend a product, one must consider the weight of the base and determine the added ‘actives’ that need to be in your particular take home formula without compromising its comfort.

Another very important consideration is how we can alter a base formulation when today’s goals for your skin improve. When the skin conditions change, then so should your formula. To do this successfully, the product comfort level or weight should not be compromised. (And people think we just rub faces. Lol)
Custom blending offers another very important benefit. New ingredients like stem cells, peptides, collagen or hyaluronic acid can be added to your personalized product at a more economical rate. The fact that 70% of your dollars spent go directly to advertising and not into your jar of cream whereas your esthetician can, at a more economical investment can add these highly effective additives to your products for a nominal fee. Chances here may also be that our professional grade of additive is far more effective that an over-the-counter product. Professional grade products must meet our high standards. 35 years of discerning the best ingredients for use both in my clinical treatment rooms and for my clients to use has home has proven some very fine looking ladies well into their 60‘s and 70’s.

Conversations with my clients have given me insight to how important it is , as we get older, our daily choices have become. Variety has lost out to efficacy and pretty packaging has lost out to investing better ingredient quality. Feeling good about making smart purchases also brings gratification versus another gamble that you’ll be successful. When we custom blend, we can add essential oils (not heavy filler oils) and color with food grade tints if you wish. However, most smart clients would rather have their jars filled with the true beauty power of today’s technology.

Day and night moisturizers, SPF protection, toners, serums, masks and foundation makeup color to match your skin tone are all available through a clinical custom-blending professional. If you want the best for your skin care needs, find the right professional who can offer the best for your skin. Throughout my 35 years, knowledge seems to have been the best thing I could share in helping clients understand their skin needs and what to avoid. Education is the single most important commodity that allows people to make better skin care choices. As I continue my education, you can’t help but have better skin.

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