If you haven’t heard this word before it is relatively new in the field of general body and skin health.  It is defined as your ability to take control of the genetic code aka DNA. The role of genetics in most people’s life is often misunderstood.  Darwin wasn’t entirely right.  

That double-helixed DNA code is only part of the overall picture.  The other part of this genetic code is adding what that individual person becomes.  This is epigentics.  To understand this concept better, let’s refer to the DNA you were given as the ‘hardware’ and what you do with your living choices is the ‘software’.  This simply means parts of the DNA code can be guided in part by you through the care you take.

This DNA code can, for instance, predetermine a variety of outcomes physically, as in your role in sports accomplishments.  However, the epigenetic environment may become something else. Although individuals do not have the power to change the DNA inherited, we have great power to influence the best out of what he or she has been given.  This fact allows people not to be prisoners of their genetic code but masters of their own fate.  

You have the power to take control of  skincare choices, dietary habits, positivity vs. negativity, activities chosen, and so many other facets in our daily living can be fashioned differently.  Too many times I’ve heard, “I’ve always had rough skin”, “It runs in the family”, and other phrases announcing resignation or a closed door attitude. The purpose of this article is to tell you that you do have choices in this new year.

Skin care today allows your skin and features to be redefined and enhanced as depicted by the epigenetics field of research.  Skin doesn’t have to be rough in texture, you don’t need to live with red patches or hyper-pigmented spots or pre-mature winkles or flaccid skin.  Acne doesn’t have to flourish, unsightly skin tags and other vascular lesions can be removed and skin can have a healthy glow at any age. 

Some of these wonder serums will be highlighted on our facebook page.  Find us to further learn how ingredients have become so powerful in your quest for a healthier appearance.  It is all up to you!

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