Makeup lessons

The art of makeup application differs as we advance through life. Directions out of a teen magazine does not work for all. Even youthful features need special direction. Application procedures can open eyes, soften eyes, make lips appear fuller or less full, push cheeks up or make a face appear thinner.
Corrective makeup techniques may be needed by young and old alike depending on your own genetic facial structure.

European men have been using foundation bases for decades to not only lift darkness under eyes, but also to even out skin tones. Many men have issues that are not becoming and a soft touch can make features more appealing.

Tools of the trade can make the application of bases, highlights and color easy when using the correct implement. Even making a bundt cake isn’t made in a square pan. The right tools saves time, is more direct when applied and is easier to do it correctly the first time.

Custom blended foundation bases are a wonderful tool for matching skin tone and giving extra coverage when needed.

Mineral powders (when pure) can be enjoyed by both young and older skins. Being light in texture, giving good coverage and the added benefit of being water-proof all make them the preferred choice for most.
Specialty products can include, highlighters, primers, rice powders, brow and lash gels , brow powders and mists to set your makeup and give your skin a glow.

Tweezerman tweezers, rice blotting papers, brow set, lash enhancers, contours, highlighters, lipstick and liners all play a role in the beautification of faces.