Facial Treatments


Your treatment duration and type is dependent upon your skins needs. Age, general health and lifestyle depict how your treatment will proceed.

Some skins do best with hands on facial massage and some skins do not. So we have many options to achieve the goals in the manner your skin will best allow. Botanicals and active ingredients are used to balance any skin condition.

All of our treatment modalities combine a unique blend of high touch and high tech to improve skin functioning.

Treatments are as unique as your skin type and condition. Generally, they are as follows:

Acne Procedure (for inflamed and non-inflamed acne)

Sensitive Skin Procedure (for those with long term sensitivity concerns and or Rosacea)

Pigmentation/Skin Lightening

Wrinkle – Be – Gone (Firming and toning the skin for a more healthful appearance)

Muscle Toning(Electrical muscle stimulation is as unique as it sounds. Shortening and lengthening muscles without discomfort gives results in an hour)

Cold Light Therapy (Non-laser combined lights of red, blue and infra-red stimulate activity below the skin for a firmer, brighter and smoother appearance)

Ultra Sound (This low impact, undetectable vibration when applied to the skin improves circulation, and aides in product penetration while re-contouring the face)

SWICH Treatment (Best done in a series treatment module must be committed to for six months to level out facial folds and diminish jowling. By Dr. Pugleise)

Full Body Detox (a wrap which includes exfoliate and detox herbs and essential oils to rehydrate)

Add-on treatments upon request

  • Eye firming and lightening
  • Neck firming wrap
  • Hand and/or Foot rejuvenating
  • Hair removal by sugar paste
  • Collagen sheet masking