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Electricity in Facials

Microdermabrasion is just one of a variety of professional treatments involving our “Electrical Apparatuses” used for the improvement of skin’s appearance and functioning.
A specialized crystal is responsible for the removal of one or several layers of skin. Scarring, discoloration, fine lines and generally flaccid skin can show improvement when a series of skin removal happens.

Cold Light Therapy can deliver a variety of light to the skin. Unlike lasers, infra-red, red light and blue light stimulate improved circulation within the flow of blood and your lymphatic channel. Skin appears brighter, lighter, minimizes pigmentation while also aids in the firming of skin from the collagen level up.

Ultra Sound treatments are best done in a series either professionally or as an at-home treatment plan. The delivery of an almost undetectable vibration wakes up the underlying structure of the skin. When glided over the skin in a specific direction this valuable hand held instrument moves both blood and lymphatic fluids both contouring the face while aiding in the penetration of active ingredients. This method can also breakdown scar tissue and the ball of pigment that may be visible on the skin.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS also known as ‘muscle toning’) has been around for many years and is utilized at a low frequency in re-structuring facial muscles. As we age, some muscles shorten while others become lax and lengthen. This treatment type does an amazing job at both reversing the muscle phenomenon while strengthening and aiding in product penetration.

Hi Frequency is also a form of delivering a completely different type of current which can do many things from healing acne lesions to forcing product penetration to killing acne-causing bacteria. Used often for our unfortunate teenagers with acne this encourages tissue healing thus providing quicker hope for the acne sufferer.

**These modalities are best suggested and chosen by your skin care professional based on your skin’s condition, general health and desired outcome!